Chaos Ascension Anniversary
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Strategy-Based Trading Card Game

Command Your Legions. Expand Your Bases.

Legions of Will
is a strategy-based trading card game.

Activate and expand your bases. Gain resource at the start of your turn. Upgrade to increase your capacity, defense and resource production. Attach traps and units to your bases. Attack with units, if they have the Will, and destroy each of of your opponent's bases to win the game.
Journey into the Abyss Warding Spirit

A New Cycle is Approaching

The universe follows continuous, self-sustaining cycles in order to retain balance.

Civilizations have been built and destroyed, again and again; a cycle which has repeated countless times. The history of these civilizations has been lost to time...mostly.

The start of a new cycle has approached. Civilization as we know it will soon meet its end. However, there is an energy felt among those who may carry the knowledge necessary to put an end to these cycles. If we can learn the secrets of the universe, we may be able to unlock what has kept us from advancing.

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