After years of serving the Septuorians, Iconai orchestrates his forbidden departure from the order. He has uncovered many dark secrets in which he is unable to align with his own morality.

Other members have also felt this conscious shift and have begun aligning themselves with one of two factions based on their own values.

Iconai’s departure strengthens the internal conflict; giving power to those who wish to follow in his footsteps and motivation to those who oppose him and seek his demise.

A bounty is placed on Iconai and all those who choose to assist him. He is no longer bound to the rules and formalities of engagement. He may now choose to collaborate with Angels, Demons and other forgotten tribes as he sees fit.

Iconai is now untethered and free to journey on his own path into the abyss; just as we find ourselves shifting as a collective and ascending into chaos.

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