The Crysotites are an isolated people that honor tradition and look up to their royalty. They prefer to isolate rather than fight senseless wars. They’ve evolved alongside the energy produced by crystals, which are abundant in their nature. They have learned to harness this energy to strengthen their defenses of their kingdom and repel outsiders. Though they are naturally a powerful race, they have not seen battle in decades and prefer so.

The Crysotite knights are fiercely loyal and stay on guard for the kingdom and it’s people. Vardessa is a Crysotite princess. She is a protector of her people and has a hidden power, which she learns to unlock. She remains pure in her intentions and carries her responsibility with prudence.

Aceleus is the brother of Vardessa and heir to the throne of the kingdom of the Crysotites. His royal status and eventual kingship has led him to be consumed by power and ego. He wishes to prove himself as the heir to the throne over a kingdom which only knows isolation and peace in recent years. He wishes to break his kingdom away from isolation and seeks conflict to prove his own competence.

Diamantur is a dragon which resides among the Crysotites. It is a feared beast. The Crysotites have learned to keep a distance from Diamantur, but when the dragon is attacked, there are multiple casualties

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