After years of serving the Septuorians, Iconai orchestrates his forbidden departure from the order. He has uncovered many dark secrets in which he is unable to align with his own morality.

Other members have also felt this conscious shift and have begun aligning themselves with one of two factions based on their own values.

Iconai’s departure strengthens the internal conflict; giving power to those who wish to follow in his footsteps and motivation to those who oppose him and seek his demise.

A bounty is placed on Iconai and all those who choose to assist him. He is no longer bound to the rules and formalities of engagement. He may now choose to collaborate with Angels, Demons and other forgotten tribes as he sees fit.

Iconai is now untethered and free to journey on his own path into the abyss; just as we find ourselves shifting as a collective and ascending into chaos.


The Septuorians are a hidden society which has retained the secrets of the universe and human history.

They have interacted with various species and beings and have kept the modern world from knowing these truths.

Internal conflict among the Septuorians stems from two separate groups and their different interpretations of the morality and responsibility of the order. The abrupt departure of one of their highest ranking and most highly-respected members has only fueled this conflict.

Iconai, once a high-ranking member of the Septuorians, is now actively pursued by the secret society. Iconai sets out on his own path to help liberate humankind from the shackles of their own limitations.


Dwellers are a race of feral humans that had found refuge within vast cavern systems during their own catastrophic reset. These tunnels in which they inherited, stretch throughout the world and have existed long before their claim.

Overtime, these ancient humans have devolved within their environment and have lost nearly all their humanity. They feed off of lost wanders in forests and valleys. They are extremely agile and vicious. If encountered, they will leave virtually no remnants of their prey.

There exists a small faction of Dwellers, which have held onto a sliver of humaneness. They do not feed on innocent prey, in contrary, they have been known to save those on the brink of death and even within the sights of other Dwellers.


Stories of Giants have long existed. They are mostly feared for their brutish-nature, yet some revered to the point of worship. These gargantuan beings are responsible for moving mountains. Like many civilizations, they've struggled with internal conflict and are known to be violent and aggressive, even cannibalistic. After centuries of wars, conflict and survival, what is left of the Giants is just a myth. They do not spare witnesses to their existence, especially the abominable ones.


The Anoterons are rumored to have established empires across the world in ancient times. They had disappeared during a series of floods and other catastrophic events. Evidence of their advanced civilization can be found to this day. However, their existence and potentiality of their demise has been shrouded in mystery.


The Crysotites are an isolated people that honor tradition and look up to their royalty. They prefer to isolate rather than fight senseless wars. They’ve evolved alongside the energy produced by crystals, which are abundant in their nature. They have learned to harness this energy to strengthen their defenses of their kingdom and repel outsiders. Though they are naturally a powerful race, they have not seen battle in decades and prefer so.

The Crysotite knights are fiercely loyal and stay on guard for the kingdom and it’s people. Vardessa is a Crysotite princess. She is a protector of her people and has a hidden power, which she learns to unlock. She remains pure in her intentions and carries her responsibility with prudence.

Aceleus is the brother of Vardessa and heir to the throne of the kingdom of the Crysotites. His royal status and eventual kingship has led him to be consumed by power and ego. He wishes to prove himself as the heir to the throne over a kingdom which only knows isolation and peace in recent years. He wishes to break his kingdom away from isolation and seeks conflict to prove his own competence.

Diamantur is a dragon which resides among the Crysotites. It is a feared beast. The Crysotites have learned to keep a distance from Diamantur, but when the dragon is attacked, there are multiple casualties


The Biterrians are a species that thrive both under water and on land. Lush vegetation covers all of the land with large crystal-clear bodies of water in between. They are born from pods in the Triaka forests.

Triaka are living trees. The Biterrians are brought into this world by the Triaka to bring balance to their environment. The bigger the threat, the more powerful a warrior is born.

The Biterrian Flower can be found in large patches and also spread across the terrain. These large, brightly colored budding plants radiate energy and microscopic spores that slowly lull one into a warm inviting slumber. For smaller, weaker creatures, this means a pleasant death. However, the Biterrians gain strength from the flowers.

The Biterrians are natural warriors. They were born to protect and they thrive in extreme environments. They are peaceful unless provoked, and in times of war, legends are born.

Di-Rah, the Protector

A Biterrian born from the Triaka thousands of years ago during an ancient conflict. Since then, Di-Rah had disappeared and became a legend amongst his species. With a great imbalance consuming the universe, Di-Rah, the Protector emerges with the Will to fight for his species once again.

Legions of Will