The Biterrians are a species that thrive both under water and on land. Lush vegetation covers all of the land with large crystal-clear bodies of water in between. They are born from pods in the Triaka forests.

Triaka are living trees. The Biterrians are brought into this world by the Triaka to bring balance to their environment. The bigger the threat, the more powerful a warrior is born.

The Biterrian Flower can be found in large patches and also spread across the terrain. These large, brightly colored budding plants radiate energy and microscopic spores that slowly lull one into a warm inviting slumber. For smaller, weaker creatures, this means a pleasant death. However, the Biterrians gain strength from the flowers.

The Biterrians are natural warriors. They were born to protect and they thrive in extreme environments. They are peaceful unless provoked, and in times of war, legends are born.

Di-Rah, the Protector

A Biterrian born from the Triaka thousands of years ago during an ancient conflict. Since then, Di-Rah had disappeared and became a legend amongst his species. With a great imbalance consuming the universe, Di-Rah, the Protector emerges with the Will to fight for his species once again.

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